Horton, Ilminster, Somerset




Associate Vicar:  Revd. Margaret Cranston 01460 54366


Churchwardens:  Rosie Reed 01460 53434; Jan Allen 01460 57702                                                          

Correspondent:    Roger Allen Telephone: 01460 57702


Services: February 2016


7th     Evensong at 3.00pm with Revd Margaret Cranston


14th   Parish Service at 9.30am led by Mrs Rosie Reed


21st    United Family Praise led by Revd Margaret Cranston


28th   Holy Communion at 9.30am led by Revd Tim Gibson



Minister: Rev Anna Flindell 01460 241766    Contact: Sue Parsons 01460 54581


Services: February 2016


7th       Cafe Church at 10.30am  


14th      Communion Service at 10.30am for 11.00am                  


21st       United Family Praise  at 10.30am


28th      Morning Service 10.30am for 11.00am




All services will now be held in St Peter's Church, Horton


The Ile Valley Parishes Prayer Group meet on Wednesday 10th and 24th at 11.00am  Coffee from 10.45am

Requests for thanks and prayer should be directed to Sue on 01460 54581 or Rosie on 01460 53434

Chattabox meets every Thursday at 11.00am for coffee and a chat at St Peter's Church, Horton.  

St Peter's Church, Church of England

Hanning Road, Horton

Broadway Hill Methodist Church, Pound Road, Horton