Horton, Ilminster, Somerset

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Click here for the local weather forecast for Horton and Broadway (updated daily)

Horton Parish Council now have a web presence please click on: www.hortonparishcouncil.org.uk

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The Horton Village Playing Field Project


To visit the Playing Field project website please click on the icon and learn more

about what is happening to develop a recreation area for all age groups.  

HOT off the PRESS


A new Shuttle Bus service has started in September from Ashill to Ilminster and it runs through Horton


To read, download and print the timetable click on this link:   Local Services

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The Horton Village Agent


The Somerset Village Agent project is run by the Community Council for Somerset (CCS) and now covers half of the county.  


There's a dedicated page on the website where you can read more about the type of service and help the agent is able to offer.


Please click here to read more or click on the Services tab on the main menu.

Ilminster Literary Festival 2019


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to see advance notice of this

year's events and dates of

the Ilminster Literary Festival.















For more information please visit the

festival website. Click on this link:


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