Horton, Ilminster, Somerset


Helping to solve these problems may, ultimately, help the elderly to remain living independently for longer.


Agents also have the role of helping to shape services by feeding back to the appropriate body information about gaps in current services e.g. transportation.


They can also motivate and

support a community to

respond to a local need by

working together to address

issues e.g. by helping them

to set up a coffee morning

for a group of lonely people

or start a volunteer car


Somerset Village

Agent for Horton

The Somerset Village Agent project is run by the Community Council for Somerset (CCS) and now covers half of the county.


The project uses paid, full & part time, highly trained individuals living in the parish ‘clusters’ they support.


Village Agents help to bridge the gap between isolated, excluded, vulnerable and lonely individuals & statutory and/or voluntary organisations which offer specific solutions to identified needs.


We work with people of all ages and deal with a wide variety of issues although a considerable number of our clients are elderly and involves social care issues.

Contact Ellie Brunt at:

Phone:   01823 331222

Mobile:  07985 680228


email: eleanorb@somersetrcc.org.uk


Ellie Brunt is now our local Village Agent.


An Agent works in many other Somerset areas and all agents are keen to get to know the community and offer signposting and support.

To obtain a referral form please clickon this link:    Referral Form


To visit the Community Council for Somerset website please click this link:    CCS Loves Somerset


The objectives of the Somerset Village Agent project is to:

Registered Charity No: 1069260


*  Ensure that people receive the benefits they are entitled to


*  Direct people to organisations that can help them


*  Ensure people living alone are not forgotten


*  Make the local community aware of social problems in their area


*  Offer advice, particularly to the elderly


*  Locate people who are lonely and need help such as food

   or local services


*  Advise on energy problem and how to save money

If you have any concerns you feel an agent could help with, please make contact on the link above.


Every consultation or advice given will be completely confidential and free of charge.

Sponsors of CCS include:

Bernard Herridge Charity
Hastoe Group
Somerset Masonic Charities
West Somerset Council
Somerset Community Foundation
Love Somerset
Tudor Trust