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Horton Computer Hub

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The Horton Computer Hub is a community group  based at Broadway Methodist Church in Horton.  We formed the Hub in the spring of 2012  and now have 5 volunteer tutors.

Our aim is to enable individuals to access learning and  to keep up to date with the skills required to access the Internet and to use it with confidence through support and training provided by the project volunteers.

We value and respect the individual's contribution to the group and provide a warm and welcoming environment in which to learn from each other.

Where and when do we meet?

So what do we do?

On the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month between 2.30-4.30pm at the Methodist Church Hall, Horton.


Level access and parking is available

Computers and the Internet have become a great part of everyday life and if you have always thought 'that's not for me' well it is very much easier than you think!  


The opportunities to explore what is going on around us, email friends and family and to speak and see them through a computer is a fantastic experience, wherever they are in the world.

How do we do it?

We provide one-to-one teaching on all aspects of home computing for 'first-time' users to the more experienced who need to understand more or fix problems with their laptops, iPad's or other tablet computers.


Particular focus in ensuring that computer users are fully aware of the need to ensure all computers have the necessary computer software protection installed.


We do all this through support & training provided by project volunteers who have been recruited specifically for this purpose.

How much does it cost?

We charge a minimum of £3 for the 2-hour session and for this you will be allocated a tutor to help with anything new that you wish to learn. We can also help identify and resolve specific problems you may have with your computer, tablet or smartphone and show you new and interesting software to keep your computer working safely and well.


We run the Hub on a 'not-for-profit' basis so if you feel you have received excellent support you may add a small extra donation to the minimum fee.   Refreshments are included in the fee.

This will enable us to offer further training, an internet cafe/drop-in & to undertake additional Workshops on other subjects.

We always welcome more volunteers so if you think you can help or would like more information, please contact Sue using the email link above.  

Here are the next scheduled dates the

Computer Hub will be open for business




Please note the Hub is currently closed except for Workshops by invitation only and limited numbers but in 2022 we will be working on new timetables.


                             2.30 to 4.30pm                Methodist Church Hall              Minimum £3.00 inc. refreshments    


                             2.30 to 4.30pm                Methodist Church Hall              Minimum £3.00 inc. refreshments    


                             2.30 to 4.30pm                Methodist Church Hall              Minimum £3.00 inc. refreshments


                             2.30 to 4.30pm                Methodist Church Hall              Minimum £3.00 inc. refreshments


                             2.30 to 4.30pm                Methodist Church Hall              Minimum £3.00 inc. refreshments


                             2.30 to 4.30pm                Methodist Church Hall              Minimum £3.00 inc. refreshments


                             2.30 to 4.30pm                Methodist Church Hall              Minimum £3.00 inc. refreshments




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Computer Hub group

Following the relaxation of the Government covid controls we have decided to retain a measure of safety at our sessions so, for the time being, please contact us to reserve a place.


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We are reopening soon - please watch this space!