Horton, Ilminster, Somerset


About our village

Horton is a small, friendly village on the slopes of the Blackdown Hills, situated 5 miles north of Chard and 2.5 miles west of Ilminster, in the county of Somerset, south-west England.  It currently has a population of some 850 people.


In 1782 the Ilminster Turnpike Trust constructed Jordan’s Bridge to carry the main road over a stream in Horton Cross, where the centre of the village was.  In 1880, Horton House (again Horton Cross) was built as the manor house. It has been designated as a Grade II listed building.


During the late 1970’s, a small group of children from Channells Lane got

together to form a club called "The Sword of Justice". They decided to try to

raise money for charity and arranged a village fete to benefit Dr. Barnardos.

The fete proved very popular and was repeated the following year. This time the

funds were dedicated to make improvements to the playing field in the village.


The Horton Flower Show first became an annual event in 1963 in a very small field next to the Victory Hall. In later years the playing fields at Channells Lane became the location for the event, but when parking became a problem the site moved to the field opposite St Peter’s Church and the church room became an ideal place for cream teas!


                                                            Horton Flower Show is held on the Second Saturday in August in the Village

                                                             Hall. The show today is where local green-fingered individuals can compete for

                                                             prizes and prestige, amongst which is the biggest marrow competition and

                                                             best carrot cake. There are many other competitions for both children and  

                                                             adults including photography, flower arranging, painting, baking and for groups from

                                                            under 5 years old to “ any age"                                                                                                                                 



Not that many years ago, Horton could boast a great degree of self sufficiency as it had 2 butcher shops, three pubs, a mobile fishmonger, 2 grocers, 2 garages and a haberdasher. There was also a Smithy and, of course, a school.















St Peter’s in Hanning Road                                                                                                 The Methodist Church in Pound Road




This is only a very brief introduction to our village with some historical items of interest spread over 300 years. There will be much more to read over the coming months, as we identify interesting articles and stories.

The Manor House
Horton St Peter''s Church
Horton Methodist Church