Horton, Ilminster, Somerset


Village Hall Committee Information

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Village Hall Trust Deed & Charity Commission Guidelines


HVH Trust Deed

The Essential Trustee

Essental Trustee Summary


Village Hall Information and Guidelines

Hall Introduction                                                  Review July 17

Hiring Policy                                                          Review August 17

Hire Agreement                                                     Review September 17

Finance Policy                                                        Review March 17

Important Information                                         Review April 17

Children and Vulnerable Adults                         Review May 17

Opportunity and Diversity Policy                       Review April 17

Environmental Policy                                            Review June 17

Emergency Exit Lighting Check List                  Review August 17

Emergency Lighting Location                             Review May 17

Fire Extinguishers Policy                                      Review June 17

Fire Evacuation Procedure                                   Review April 17

Teenage Parties                                                       Review June 17

Health & Hygeine in Kitchen                               Review May 17

Activities Involving Children                               Review May 17

Policy and Procedure Review Policy                   Review July 17

Hallmark Spot Checks                                           Review August 17


Hirers Exit Report                                                  Review March 17                                              

Heating System Instructions                                Review August 17                          

Kitchen Hygeine

Ladders Usage Guideline 1

Ladders Usage Guideline


Risk Assessment Jan 2017                                      Review January 18


Village Hall Committee Minutes

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November 16


Instruction Manuals

PA System