Horton, Ilminster, Somerset


Ding Gardening Club


 Updated 26 April 2018 



Most Meetings start at 7:30pm on first Thursday of the month

(Note The Annual Spring Flower Show from 6:30pm in April)

Venue Horton Village Hall

11 August Horton Flower Show

6 September A.G.M

6 September Jenny Short Througt the Garden Gate

4 October Adrian Hutchison Wild Flowers in the Dolomites

1 November Christine Stones Gardens of World War 1

6 December David Moon Gardens of the Rich and Famous


If you want to join The Ding Gardening Club click this link for New Members Form PDF print or view


The Ding Gardening Club year runs from January 1st to December 31st annual subscription  (£10.00 for  2018) per person. Renewal of membership is collected at January and February meetings and must be submitted no later than 14th February each year, on renewal you will received your membership card and a programme of events.

Nine meetings per year usually held on first Thursday of the month at Horton Village Hall  at 7:30pm. Meeting months January to April, September to December, note AGM at September meeting.

Guests: £2 per meeting note December meeting will cost £5.00.

August there is the annual Horton Village Flower Show.

Our Gardening trips usually leave from Five Dials bus shelter Horton, Memorial Broadway, Pound Broadway and Ilminster market square.

Seed order discount usually 60% off list price and there are discounts on other products.  

In December we have an annual free Christmas party.

Meeting and trip details on hortonvillage.co.uk/ding-gardening-club

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For more information please contact Stuart Davey by Email studavey56@gmail.com

or Phone: 01460 55069